8 Top NFT Marketplaces

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If you ever wondered if NFTs are the best things to investigate and invest in the future, where should we buy or sell these things?

To buy NFT, you need to visit the top NFT marketplaces. Don’t worry! Sit down, take a deep breath, and know that you came to the right place to read about the things you are interested in or about NFTs. Let’s get started and get to know the NFT marketplace list.

What is NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a platform where creators can buy, sell, and trade their digital assets as unique collectibles. NFTs are digital tokens authenticated using blockchain technology, providing a secure and transparent way to prove ownership of digital assets such as artwork, music, and videos. NFT marketplaces provide a way for creators to monetize their digital creations and for buyers to purchase unique and valuable digital assets.

Why are NFT marketplaces significant?

So for this question, I must tell you many NFT marketplaces exist, even if they all do the same thing. For example, these days, everybody talks about hot monkey NFTs and tells each other they are pretty special. They aren’t the only special NFTs in the world. If you have looked for them, you might know they are getting published and uploaded on the Opensea and the Ethereum blockchain. Still, they are the most special NFTs on the Opensea by the voting rate.

For sure other best NFT marketplaces have their own special NFTs. If I remember correctly, once an older man told me every sea has its most terrific shark! In this example, you can say the fish or sharks as the NFTs.

Top NFT Marketplaces

I created a list of the biggest NFT marketplaces today, and you can see them right below.

1. OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Undoubtedly, OpenSea is the leader of NFT marketplaces worldwide; this fact is not hidden from anyone. This marketplace supports more than 150 different cryptocurrency tokens for payment, which is unique.

The first and most important NFT marketplace, which has a considerable difference from other NFT marketplaces in terms of the number of NFTs, is OpenSea. OpenSea was founded in 2017. At that time, no one knew about NFT. OpenSea attracted a lot of capital and gradually became a strong and widespread platform.

OpenSea has every type of NFT, from games to collections of artwork, music, etc. OpenSea started earlier than others. Therefore, its age and how it works, make it more powerful daily.

Sales made in secondary markets also made OpenSea more successful. You need to connect your wallet to the OpenSea NFT marketplace website to register in OpenSea. After that, you can search for any NFT you need and buy it quickly.

2. Axie Infinity Marketplace

Next on the list of the biggest NFT marketplaces is Axie Infinity Marketplace. The Axie Infinity NFT collection belongs to one of the world’s biggest blockchain and metaverse games. In this game, you have to fight against the opponent with three characters named Axie, and if you win the fight, you will be given a reward token. These axies are NFTs, and you have to buy them to fight.

In Axie Infinity Marketplace, users can create new axies with Axie Infinity game tools. Axies are similar to Pokemon. Users can sell them. By buying an Axie Infinity game token, you can open the game environment with monsters and get bonus tokens and thus generate newer axies and then trade them.

This marketplace is so popular, and it can be said that it is one of the best NFT games. It is said that some users live by buying and selling axies, Especially in countries with more inflated economies.

One of the disadvantages of axie infinity is its complexity because users have to go through different steps to start the game. The game is very complicated; you need to study it for hours and then enter.

To start this game, you must create an NFT wallet named Ronin Wallet and some Ethereum, AXS, or SLP tokens to buy three axies. Therefore, you should spend at least a few dollars and know how cryptocurrencies work.

3. CryptoPunks Marketplace

It was in 2017 that Larva Labs published images with dimensions of 24 x 24 pixels. Some of these pictures were even sold for several million dollars.

One of the first NFTs produced on the Ethereum platform is CryptoPunks, randomly generated pixelated characters with particular characteristics. This collection has 10 thousand pieces. Although they were free initially, they are now worth millions of dollars.

For example, At the time of writing, to buy the cheapest CryptoPunk, you have to spend about 200 thousand dollars, and this price goes up to 7 and 8 million dollars on more expensive cases. The total value of this collection is billions of dollars.

But do you know the price of the most expensive NFT? The price of an NFT depends on the value that buyers place on them because the viewer determines the value of an artwork.

4. NBA Top Shot Marketplace

This collection belongs to the National Basketball Association (NBA). Images of NBA game scenes have been designed in a 3D format, and the exciting thing is that some of these images have even been sold for millions of dollars.

5. Rarible NFT Marketplace

Rarible is another big NFT Marketplace in the world where different NFTs are bought and sold. It can be said that it is not different from OpenSea except for one thing: you need a unique token with the RARI symbol to buy and sell on Rarible.

Rarible is a powerful platform for buying and selling digital and collectible items. In Rarible, you can sell your NFTs multiple times. This marketplace supports Metamask, Coinbase, and MyEtherWallet wallets. After registration, you can connect your wallet and buy and sell quickly. Rarible is simple and understandable for novice users.

6. SuperRare NFT Marketplace

As the next item, we have SuperRare, which is similar to OpenSea and Rarible but no longer has the restriction of using a unique token like Rarible. By the way, they have recently developed and introduced their token, but it is not mandatory to use it for buying and selling in SuperRare.

Among the prominent artists in SuperRare, Sarah Zucker and Robbie Barrett can be mentioned.

7. Foundation NFT Marketplace

Like many other markets, Foundation purchases and sales are made with Ethereum currency. So far, more than $100 million in NFTs have been sold in the Foundation. Foundation invites artists to participate and work on its platform, and they can sell their NFTs on this platform. So it is not suitable for the public to sell their own NFTs.

8. Mintable NFT Marketplace

And as the last item on the best NFT marketplaces list, we have Mintable. This one is a bit different from the previous ones in that Mark Cuban started it. To buy and sell on this platform, like other platforms, you need Ethereum. Another thing to mention is that the Mintable platform also supports minting NFTs of any kind you can think of.

NFT Marketplace Crash

The NFT marketplaces experienced a decline in mid-2022, following a slow but steady decrease in demand for NFTs that began earlier in the year. From early 2022, the hype around NFTs started to die down, leading to a slow decline in demand. By mid-2022, the value of NFTs had plummeted to its lowest point, causing panic among investors and artists alike.

Several factors contributed to the NFT marketplace collapse, including oversupply, a lack of regulation, and a shift in investor sentiment. While some experts predicted the demise of the NFT market, others remain optimistic about its potential for future growth and stability with the implementation of stricter regulations and better market practices.


In short, many platforms are emerging due to the increasing popularity of NFTs. Each platform tries to outdo the others with a different strategy. This field is constantly growing and improving, so the list of platforms will change. For example, Instagram and Facebook announced the possibility of buying and selling NFT in the coming weeks.

Therefore, to create an art collection or buy collectible NFTs, always be up-to-date and keep up with the developments of this market, or join more general platforms like OpenSea, where you see Bored Hamster NFTs. Be sure to read our other articles for more information.

Need help creating a successful NFT collection? So read this article from the Bored Hamster website to learn more about how to create NFT.

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