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Bored Hamster Game Story 1

They are all criminals. They are kinda same. They know their most significant weakness and their strength. But there is one thing that none of them have a reason for. Why are they fighting for dark energy?

Bored Hamster #Arrow 1

The biggest and most powerful energy in the world. Don’t be fooled by its dark side. That’s more powerful than what you expect.

Bored Hamster Game Story 2
Bored Hamster #Arrow 1
Bored Hamster Game Story 3

All of them or all of us have one plan, have an idea, to find dark energy.

Bored Hamster #Arrow 1

They aren’t afraid of anything. They are all set up and ready to do whatever that gonna take. They are prepared to knock each other out without any fear or doubt, cause they have their guns.

Bored Hamster Game Story 4
Bored Hamster #Arrow 1
Bored Hamster Game Story 5

Do you want to know how serious they are? So I must tell you, they are afraid of nothing, even hungry and angry zombies outside.

Bored Hamster #Arrow 1

So if you are ready, let’s pick a bag and find some dark energy. The deal is easy. If we get more dark energy than anyone else, we gonna win a Bored Hamster NFT at the end of the day. So don’t forget to give your wallet to our agent.

Bored Hamster Game Story 6

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