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You’ve presumably been finding out about NFTs wherever these days, and you’re most likely considering how you can reach out. Notwithstanding, you probably persevered through a high expectation to learn and adapt to get everything rolling.

In this article, we’ll go over the essentials of turning into a gatherer. We should begin with wallets! This article will tell you how to create an NFT wallet for yourself and protect your NFTs.

Buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is a breathtaking strategy to put documents into computerized resources while supporting specialists monetarily. Numerous NFTs additionally award you the capacity to construct subsidiaries through the use of freedoms.

Many NFTs are so valuable that they are traded for millions of dollars. Therefore, keeping NFTs in a safe place is very important.

What is an NFT Wallet?

Ever since blockchain technology took off in the world, after that digital wallets for digital coins came into existence. These wallets are encrypted and standard and are compatible with major tokens such as Tether, Ether, and Bitcoin and support various blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, etc. These digital wallets also can store and protect NFTs. They also can connect to NFT marketplaces. Get to know the top NFT marketplaces.

Famous wallets include Metamask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, and Alpha Wallet. These wallets are easily connected to NFT markets such as OpenSea, Rarible, etc., and help to store and buy and sell NFT.

NFT wallet features

NFT wallets must have some features so that you can safely choose and use them to store your digital assets. We mention each of them below.

Payment Security

cryptocurrency payments through blockchain are completely secure and cannot be easily hacked. Wallets must also be compatible with these security protocols. Of course, there is no need to worry, almost all wallets that are famous and you have heard their name many times will definitely pass this case.

Fast and cheap processing

cryptocurrency transactions are done quickly and instantly. An international transaction in today’s banking world takes at least 5 working days and the fee is more than 0.5 dollars! But in the world of cryptocurrencies, due to the absence of intermediaries, transactions can be done quickly and at a low cost.

Privacy of wallets

Digital wallets are secret and secure and no one has access to the digital data of your wallet.

Clear and precise

The way of coding on the platform of blockchain and digital wallets creates security and safety, and accurate, safe, and forever information is recorded at every moment.

Security Issues

Digital wallets have strong security measures due to their value. Such as two-step authentication, complex and multi-word passwords, constant updating, multi-signature capability, etc., which have made them very safe and unhackable. Even many creators of digital wallets pay significant sums to those who find their security problems.

How to install Metamask wallet

Up to this point, we have briefly explained about digital wallets and how they work, but in this step, we will explain how to make the Metamask wallet, which is one of the best digital wallets. Choosing the type of digital wallet should be such that it can easily communicate with the NFT markets. Metamask has a web wallet and an installable app wallet.

Metamask web wallet easily connects to Chrome and works on any laptop and PC. For this reason, it is very user-friendly and many people use it. In this section, we explain how to install and operate the Metamask web wallet.

  1. Search in Google : Metamask for Chrome (or your main browser) and click on the first result.
  2. After entering the page dedicated to Metamask in the chrome web store, click on Add to chrome. 
  3. A confirmation message will be displayed for you at the top of the browser, which you must confirm.
Bored Hamster #1
  1. Agree to Metamask terms and conditions.
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  1. In this section, to create a new wallet on Create a wallet and to restore the Metamask wallet, click Import wallet.
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  1. In this step, write a strong password and click on Create.
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  1. In this section, there is an educational video about getting to know the Metamask wallet, you can click Next or watch it if you want.
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  1. Now you will be shown 12 words. These words are used for recovery. Be sure to write them down and keep them in a safe place. Note that anyone with these 12 words will have full access to your wallet. Do not save the recovery words in the computer where you create metamask.
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  1. In this section, it asks you to enter the words you wrote in order and then confirm.
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  1. Your digital wallet is created, at this point, you need to add digital tokens to it.
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How to add tokens to Metamask wallet

To add digital tokens to Metamask, you need to enter the tokens manually.

  1. Log in to your account. From the above menu, you can choose the type of your blockchain network, and from the Add network section, you can manually enter the information of the blockchain network you want. The Metamask wallet is set on the Ethereum network.
  2. click on import token. It will show you the list of popular tokens and you can choose your token and add it to your asset list. To delete a token, you can tap on the three dots icon and hit the Hide option.
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If the desired token is not found, you can enter it manually. For this purpose, enter the Custom token section. Enter the address of the token and its information and click on Next to add your token.

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You can visit to find the address of the tokens

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In this article, we explained how to create a digital wallet for your NFTs. It is necessary to enter the world of NFT to understand cryptocurrencies and wallets.
In our series of educational articles on the Bored Hamster NFT site, we are trying to make it easier for users to enter this large and developing industry by creating more awareness and preparing you for profitable NFT investments.

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