5 Critical Points to Check Before Buying an NFT

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The NFT market is increasing every day. For example, on a website like OpenSea, which is a comprehensive NFT market, you see thousands of NFTs uploaded by users every day. On the other hand, the profit and investment in this area have attracted many people, but not all of these NFTs have real value, or you may even fall into a scam.

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What should be checked to buy an NFT?

Below we offer solutions to investigate an NFT and buy an NFT with careful research and analysis.

1. The project team

Stay away from projects whose people are unknown or operate under pseudonyms. Check the desired NFT website and be aware of the project’s authenticity. Check out the team members and the company that supports this project.

2. Social Networks

Social networks are where you can check the activity of project members. Measures such as the number of followers, user interest, and posts and comments show that the project team members are working.

3. Their Website

The website of a real NFT project has a clear and step-by-step roadmap, and you can see the progress of the project.

4. NFT Contract Address

Check the NFT contract address. If you see a famous collection at a low price, doubt its authenticity.

5. Trading volume

The amount of buying and selling of an NFT collection can be checked from the activity section. Of course, some NFTs are in the beginning, but they have a profitable future. While they haven’t had much buying and selling, it is more practical to identify these collections through the above items. Because maybe you are at the beginning of a profitable project, and by correctly diagnosing this issue, you can make a profitable investment.

After checking these things, install your digital wallet. For this, use valid and reliable wallets such as Metamask. Also, buy from reliable NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea.

Be careful when buying NFTs. Some NFTs are specially designed and customized or have more variables. These NFTs have more value due to their uniqueness in an NFT collection and create more profit opportunities for you. The specificity of these NFTs makes them more valuable. Below you can see two examples of Bored Hamster NFTs. One of them is unique and different.

Ultimately, it all depends on you and your research to buy an NFT and invest in it. Never purchase without researching and making an informed decision. Be sure to research Bored Hamster NFTs! The Bored Hamster team will be with you on a real and profitable project.

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