Bored Hamster NFT

A limited collection of NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the tokens and other parts of it are increasing, and people who joined the Bored Hamster Club have a special place and chair in the exhibition. They can use many other crazier features.

Bored Hamster NFT Collection





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Why Bored Hamster?

Why Bored Hamster?​

Bored Hamster #1

Everybody has the same membership fee.

Bored Hamster #2

Members of the Bored Hamster club can use the VIP futures of the club.

Bored Hamster #3

They have a special place in the MetaversAE.

Bored Hamster #4

Hamster Club is constantly getting updates and new futures, and club members are the first ones who will get news from these updates.

Bored Hamster #5

Bored Hamster is special and creative and constantly getting new updates.

Bored Hamster NFT Collection

The collection of 10000 Bored Hamsters is a special collection built under ETH Hamster Club!

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Bored Hamster Road Map

Explore Thousands Of Digital Art And Collectibles.

Bored Hamster #w1

Phase 1

Mission 1

We will get to 10K membership with a Bored Hamster collection. Otherwise, you gonna pay the rent!

Mission 2

The club will get started after selling all those Bored Hamsters, so don't stay back and buy some!

Mission 3

The first people who will get notifications or will get to know about our 3D NFTs are those who get joined in 2D NFTs first.


Phase 2

Mission 1

Inside our MetaversAE, you can upload your NFTs for free. Don't tell me if you want more!

Mission 2

When we start selling our NFTs, you can buy some on the MetaversAE website.

Mission 3

We will blind your eyes with the flash bang of our surprise.


Our Team

A team of the best animation and character designers came together and create one of the best NFT collections ever.

Experienced and crazy designers created Bored Hamster NFTs with new ideas and a bright future.

You live only once on this earth (Not sure!)
Trust people who have enough experience (Sure!)
Trust our team and become one person in our family (Sure!)

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